Southwest Trikes
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We have several upcoming events and will be closing the
Shop and Office for the fallowing dates.
April 4th - April 11th
Please call 602 363-3270 if you have an emergency

Lees-ure-Lite Tent Trailer

Call Tracy 480 951-7171

LAST ONE NEW    2021 Extra fiber glass, Tan, wide tire with spare.
$7.500.00.+ Tax.  Includes shipping and doc fees 

Orders are being taken for the 2022. A deposit is required to order all trailers.
8 week delivery. Next order going in APRIL 1st.

Southwest Trikes is an  All American Veteran owned  company
Dave is 23 year Veteran of the United States Coast Guard. 
We intend to provide the best and most complete service to
the men and woman Veteran’s and First Responder’s. 
When calling about a quote or for repairs and custom builds.
Please ask for  our leading industry discount for those whom qualify. 
We area dedicated to upholding the Constitution of  
The Great United States.
 Article {ll} Amendment 2
A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State,
the rights of the people to keep and bear Arms, Shall nor be infringed
Southwest Trikes fully supports the NRA 

Arizona’s First Trike Dealer  
Open since 2004. With a complete service for all bikes and trikes.