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These amazing trailers all come with the wider bodies and wide
tire with spare, extra spray fiberglass flooring and tan in color.
Orders must be placed before april 15th . Please call the office for any details.
Summer is coming fast. Get ready

Next Shipment will be May jUNE 1st in Phoenix and June 25th in WY.

As always there are more Military discounts available for those who qualify with
Proof of I.D.  We thank you for your service.

There is a lot of confusion in regards to the LATEST Honda recall.
Click here for Honda Warranty PDF Statement

URGENT PLEASE READ. All trikes EXCEPT Roadsmith conversions MUST go through the newest Honda Recall . Please call the office if anyone tells you otherwise, we will help you find a qualified Honda Dealer.

Attention Motor Trike Dealers:
The recall notice issued by Honda titled GL18 RR BRAKE DRAG RECALL (NHTSA recall number 15V-700) does affect applicable Honda motorcycles with a Motor Trike conversion installed. The Motor Trike conversion does not remove or impact the function of the secondary master cylinder in question and therefore the bike is still impacted by the recall. Please follow the instructions provided by Honda to have your motorcycle repaired.

Please note that this announcement does not apply to all trike conversion brands. GL 1800 Motor Trike conversions regardless of model (solid axle or IRS) maintain the linked braking system along with the secondary master cylinder and therefore, the recall does apply.

Spring 2016

The winter months are quickly disappearing behind us and spring is springing. Please remember to check your tire pleasures and fill to the dealer recommended pressures. Trikes are different from the bikes. Trikes keep 24 lbs in the rear tires and 42 in the front.  The date is also very important. Tires should not be older than 8 years.  If you haven’t ridden more than  5k in a year you will still want to have the oil looked at and changed with in 16 months.

Bike week will be here faster than you all know. Don’t be the rider that waits till the last week and want your oil changed or new tires, the day before because its “EMERGINCY” .


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