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On To The Summer of 2024

The summer heat and our inevitable migration north is coming up soon.
As most of you know we are closed for Trike Builds and maintenance for the summer months.
Moving the shop north to our property has proven to be a challenge as much as it has been rewarding. It has worked out so well being able to stay at our property and save on high rents keeping the cost for building trikes to a reasonable cost.

As a reminder the office travels with used. We have become completely Mobil now. I’m still a bit old school but a cell phone has been a blessing. We do have phone troublers sometimes in Wyoming but it is getting better with more towers being erected.  Please call anytime (480) 651 7171. As a backup our E Mail never fails.

Dave is our only mechanic. His brother Dwain helps out when we need him and is been great having the brothers together.

Dave will be traveling north in June and returning late Oct. These dates are flexible as business requires.

Please keep in mind that it takes 2 to 3 months for a kit to be delivered. And 2 to 3 weeks to build.

If you are traveling threw Yellowstone and the Tetons on you summer adventures. Please reach out if you would like to stop and say hi. If you need a place to rest and do laundry, we have a great Teepee and the river is just 30 yards away

Our shop in Wyoming is 60 mile east of the Teton Park entrance in the amazing little town of Dubois.
Let me know if you will be stopping. We’ll buy you a Beer.

Safe travels Tracy and Dave


For Sale NEW 2021 “Pre Covid” Excell.  $6800.00

Excel Tent Trailer By Sunlite Trailers Inc.

  • Tent - American Aqualon Edge Fabric.
  • Box - Heavy spray fiber glass box in white
  • Frame - Welded and painted steel frame
  • Axles - Torsion flexi ride 750 lbs half axles (2024)
  • Trailer Curb Weight - 330 lbs or 150 kg
  • Actual trailer size - 54 x 66 inches (Closed up) plus draw bar and optional front pod.
  • Bed size – 52"(132 cm) x 81"(206 cm) (double bed)
  • High Density 2" Soy Based Memory Foam Mattress
  • Rain Fly.
  • Tire size – 16.5 X 6.5  - Rim size 5.38 x 8 (Wide Tires)
  • Chrome Hub Caps 
  • Hitch – 1 7/8 ball required.
  • Lights - DOT approved LED lights and marker lights
  • Wiring - CSA approved 4 wire system w. flat 4 plug.
  • Head Room – 6’ 4"
  • Storage Inside – 30 c.u. Ft.
  • Tongue Weight – 33 lbs.
  • Length of trailer when open – 14 feet


Things  to know  before you Trike your  Bike
The decision to trike you bike is not an easy one to make, and should not be taken lightly. This is a substantial financial investment.  The inprovment to your bike will give you the security to still get in the wind and give you the added security to feel safe when riding.

Important things to consider

  1. What is my ride style? Do I want to do longer rides or just stay around town. . Do I need the extra fule tank Ect.
  2. What options do I like. Each builder has a “special something” look closly at thheir web sites.
  3. What will it look like? They are all different. Pick the one that you like. Not what  your friends like. Sugestions are always welcome but the finel outcome is all up to you.
  4. What can be addeed later. Rake,ground effects,lights ect.

The prices for all the manufacturers is listed on their individual web sites. Do your home work. Print out the pircing . Look at the accessories offered from each company. Please take your time. When you have a good idea of what you are looking into, please call Tracy as 480 951 7171
Delivery for eacy builder varies greatly. We can not predict or garentee any time lines.
A deposit of %80 we be needed to get thinsgs in order. Cash or check only please . If you use use a CC be advised the cost of the processing will need to be paid up front.

                                             Suggested Web Sites in alphabeticle order

  1. Californiasidecar.com   Don’t be fooled they don’t make side cars and are no longer in California . This is the BIG BOY
  2. ChampiontrikeofArizona.com. Harley and Honda only
  3. Hannigantrikes.com. They are from Murray Kentuckey and are new to the Southwest Trikes familey
  4. MotorTrike.com The fastest delivery of all. Located in Texas
  5. Roadsmith.com  These guys have more than 1 style to choose from. Great Central US location.

   Southwest Trikes has worked with most of these manufactures since 2004. Our dedocation to detail and the comitment to deliver the best trike available to your specifications, is what makes us Arizonas 1st Trike builder

Southwest Trikes moved to the old “Ranch Run Amuck” in the spring of 2023.
And as the “Ranchrearch” I made a few changes.

  1. No more driving to work!!!!!!! I love this part
  2. No lunches out. Dave is getting fat
  3. The Casa is always open. We won’t worry about weekends any more.

 We truly loved the shop on Lone Cactus but the expenses were getting out of control, The decision took 2 years. And it wasn’t easy. We have the property and don’t have too many horses any more so it just made sense to convert the Barn to a Shop. So far it worked our very well. There is work to still be done and were plugging away as we get the chance.
As always, Dave will continue to give military and 1st responders and their family’s discounts.
The new shop is located just a short walk from state land, so if you’re a hiker we got that covered. The big stretch golf cart is available to ride around in and see some of the neighborhood.  The patio is open for seating and waiting. For the next few months were going to ask you to drop off your bike. We’re working on a shelter but it’s a bit too far off in the distance.  
Please call before coming out. Dave can not see the gate and I may be in town getting parts. We will lock up the dogs.

Call if you have any questions.480 951 7171 Or E Mail Tracy at Tracy@Southwesttrikes.com

New MAILING ADDRESS                                              Shop Physical address
Southwest Trikes
515 E Carefree HW                                                        39643 N 10th Street
Phoenix AZ.                                                                     Phoenix AZ
85085                                                                                85086

Southwest Trikes is an  All American Veteran owned  company
Dave is 23 year Veteran of the United States Coast Guard. 
We intend to provide the best and most complete service to
the men and woman Veteran’s and First Responder’s. 
When calling about a quote or for repairs and custom builds.
Please ask for  our leading industry discount for those whom qualify. 
We area dedicated to upholding the Constitution of  
The Great United States.
 Article {ll} Amendment 2
A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State,
the rights of the people to keep and bear Arms, Shall nor be infringed
Southwest Trikes fully supports the NRA 

Arizona’s First Trike Dealer  
Open since 2004. With a complete service for all bikes and trikes.